Deciphering the Educational Sessions and Picking a Path for You

The Washington Credit Union League Convention educational sessions are among the most value-laden, credit union-specific learning opportunities around, and they are built for everyone working and volunteering in the system. All are led by highly respected and knowledgeable experts in a variety of fields.

Between 2010’s 14 education sessions and the eight idea exchanges, which have vendors speaking about products and services they offer, convention attendees will have a lot to choose from. Luckily, the League has made it easy for you to pick a path for a successful convention experience.

Education breakout descriptions in both the Convention catalog and website include a code that will tell you in a glance who that particular session is geared towards. It is as follows:

BDM = Board Chair or Board Member
BRM = Branch Manager or Supervisory Staff
EXEC = CEO or Executive Staff
FIN = Deals with Finances and Budgets
HRT = Human Resources
LND = Loans, Collections, Mortgages
MKT = Marketing, Business Development, Public Relations Staff
MSV = Member Service
OPS = Operations, Auditing, Compliance Staff

But, just because sessions are geared towards your career discipline doesn’t mean that you are limited to just those sessions. There are many opportunities outside prescribed areas of knowledge that attract attendees.

For instance, considering the edgy environment and increasing number of robberies, Wednesday’s Active Shooter / Shots Fired in the Building session will surely draw a crowd. It has Larry Kaminer, President of The Personal Safety Training Group leading and is ideal for board members, human resources, member service and operations and compliance staff. But after reading the description, this is one of several sessions that would be good for every credit unioner, regardless of discipline.

Another interesting session is Beyond the Basics—Creating Awareness in a Virtual Environment with
Kelly Haag, Employee Development Consultant at BECU. While it is ideal for branch managers, supervisory staff and human resources, marketers, member services and operations may also find the information very useful in their own areas because each are in one way or another is responsible for building awareness, communicating change or facilitating instruction in one way or another

Because some sessions, ultimately, will be filled beyond capacity, visit the convention website and create a stand-by educational path that allows flexibility should time run short between sessions or in case your first choice is filled.

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