Crash the Bash – Young CU Employees Needed to Attend Annual Convention

If you know a credit union employee who is under 30-years-old, has shown commitment to their job and would like a fuller understanding of the credit union movement, send them to They could attend the Washington Credit Union League Convention and Annual Business Meeting, or parts of it, with a group of like-minded youth itching to get involved more deeply in the credit union movement.

But there is a catch: THE SIMPLE APPLICATION IS DUE FRIDAY, AUGUST 20! To give more time for potential attendees to submit applications, it was extended. Winners will be announced Monday, August 23.

Some credit union leaders have expressed frustration in the limited youth movement in the industry and the collision course with tragedy the industry will face if young people are not developed with the traditions of Edward Filene. How will his passion for credit unions be passed on?

Well, we’ve heard the talk. It’s time to walk the walk.

If you are a CEO, VP, Director or supervisor of any young credit union employee, tell him or her that you want them to experience what the word “credit union” means on an entirely new level. Tell them to visit and learn more. There is a nominal cost of $200, but consider the value of the interactive and educational sessions lead by state and national leaders, and networking opportunities with industry veterans.

The credit union youth movement is worth supporting, but it’s worth supporting even more knowing participants will be guided by the best the industry has to offer.

To learn more about the Crash, visit Crasher applications are due no later than August 20 and can be found on the homepage. To get a glimpse of past crashes visit and

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