Filene Seeking 17 new members for Exclusive i3 Innovation Program

Do you have what it takes to fill one of the 17 seats available on Filene’s i3 innovation program?

If you are passionate about the credit union system and constantly envision ways to help credit union members, we want you. If you think the road to financial recovery depends on Main Street fixes instead of Wall Street flash, we want you. Innovative executives from natural person credit unions in the United States and Canada who embody the spirit of continuous improvement are encouraged to apply.

Denise Gabel, Filene’s chief innovation officer, notes that while the recruitment focuses on credit union senior managers who are on a career path toward CEO status, “This year we are opening up the program to include current CEOs from credit unions under $50 million in assets. The opportunity is ripe for those who are committed to professional development, developing an innovation competency, and contributing to transformational change for credit unions at this exciting historic time.”

The application deadline is Sunday, June 13th, 2010—no exceptions. Candidates will be selected and notified by July 16, 2010.

To learn more and apply for the program visit the i3 application page.


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